Rock Climbing

We rock climb indoors at Rock Ventures on 1044 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607, (716) 442-5462. See them at

Rock Ventures Outdoor Climb

Abby in her harness and ready to climb Abby In Harness Abby actually likes swinging when half way up better than climbing any day! Abby Swinging
Abby on the "Kid Wall". Better spacing of holds. Abby Climbing Abby's a little behind. Actually Mom is behind with the camera. Abby Behind
Dad doesn't get to climb much with Kid Climbers Dad Belaying Ben in his harness and ready to climb Ben In Harness
Ben at the top of Climb #1 Ben At Top Ben working the wall Abby Behind
Ben and Abby on climb #1 as viewed from Picnic Loft Abby Climbing