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The Tiger Teams of Den 10:

Tony & Chad Bingo
Deb & Taylor Eaton
Jim & Ryan Murphy
Tom & Ben Rockwell
Dave & Tommy Smith
Sue & Tommy Sutton
Wayne & Adam Wegman
Eileen & John

Tiger Cubs in Action:
Tiger Paw

On Thursday October 14, 1999 Tiger Cubs Den 10 met for their first formal Pack Meeting. We decorated a pumpkin for Halloween. We definitely had the creative spirit!

Pumpkin Decorated Pumpkin Decorated

On Sunday, October 24, 1999, Tiger Cubs Den 10 forged their way through the Maize Maze at Long Acre Farms in Macedon, NY. The theme this year is the Erie 'Corn'al. Do you see the barge to the lower left? The donkey to the center right and houses to the upper left?

At the Maize Maze At the Maize Maze
Front Row: Dave Smith, Eileen Wirley,Deb Eaton,Katy Murphy,Pam Bingo,Taylor Eaton.
Back Row: Tom & Abby Rockwell,Tommy Smith, Ben Rockwell,Chad Bingo,Nicole Bingo,John Hussey,Jim & Ryan Murphy.
Tigers At The Maize Tigers At The Maize
As we assembled puzzle pieces, the maze detail filled in allowing the team to find their way to the end! A great bit of detective work!
At the Maize Maze Tigers At The Maize

At the Maize Maze

As seen from up on the bridge, just a bunch of flags wandering around aimelessly!

On Sunday November 7 & Saturday November 13, 1999, Tiger Cubs Den 10 worked on aeronautical skills with Dads and Moms. We launched Estes Gnome rockets.

020_5a_1.jpg dcp00502.jpg

dcp00503.jpg dcp00504.jpg

dcp00505.jpg dcp00506.jpg

020_5a_1.jpg 020_5a_1.jpg

If this looks a little bit like controlled chaos to you ... perhaps it is!

dcp00507.jpg dcp00508.jpg

The launch site complete with safety "keep out" circle!

dcp00509.jpg dcp00510.jpg

The launch crew sets up for another round, and . . . The tree climbing retrieval crew at work!

020_5a_1.jpg 020_5a_1.jpg

For their meritous ventures, the tiger cubs are rewarded with "a totem and beads" at the Pack Meeting to track their deeds and fun.

On Sunday, Dec 12, 1999, Den 10 landed at The Rochester Museum and Science Center to see the Millenium Star Show. We saw a lot of exhibits about the planets and solar system. We learned what planets and stars are most visible this time of year.

Taylor, Ben, Tommy, Chad, Nicole, Ryan, Adam

On Sunday, Jan 9, 2000, Den 10 landed ... in jail at the Webster Police Department. We learned that it is not much fun to spend time in jail and it's not even very fun getting fingerprinted!
Taylor, Ben, Tommy, Nicole, Chad, John, Adam in Holding Cell #1 Jail Birds Ben getting fingerprinted by Officer Peter Scorsone of the WPD FingerPrints

Many thanks to the moms and dads that contributed pictures and help make Tiger Cubs FUN! We couldn't do it without you.

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